Jessica Rae Ecker © 2018

What is a dwelling but an empty vessel to protect from the surrounding elements, while conversely providing an anchor which holds its inhabitants within those elements. This necessary irony is an essential part of human existence. Yet, when one envisions the relationship with habitat and habitation, is it rooted in reality or an illusion of symbiosis? Is there an underlying combative friction within the dualism, or are both elements pulling away through an act of avoidance?

I believe as humans what we desire most is a genuine interaction and complete understanding from what we chose to interact with. As we progress through interpreted reality, we become more persistent in the questioning of our relationships - whether human-to-human, human-to-architecture, human-to-landscape, human-to-technology, etc. As we contemplate the reality of the experience verses the illusion of the experience, we realize the illussion is shaped by emotion and memory. Our interpretation of space and relationships changes as our interactions progress with time.